Only together we can stand up against the threat of division in our society
A joint declaration on the war in Israel and Gaza (from 24.10.2023)We are still paralyzed by horror and shock at the pogrom-like, anti-Semitic and misogynistic terror against innocent Israeli civilians on October 7 and the spiral of violence it has already unleashed. The lack of any prospect of an early non-violent solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is causing feelings of powerlessness, despair and anger among many people on both sides of the fence and their relatives and friends. In the midst of this madness, we would like to set a common sign for non-violence, humanity and healing. The conflict is already being fought out on the streets of the world, but above all in the echo chambers of social media. The fighting is accompanied by a media "war of images". This war of images is part of the calculation of the terrorist Hamas. People are to be emotionalized and incited to hate others. ... more 
Current exhibition – May 7, 2023 until March 10, 2024
A Place of Our Own. Four Young Palestinian Women in Tel Aviv. By Iris Hassid The exhibition “A Place of Our Own” focuses on the lives of four young Palestinian women. They are Israeli citizens, living and studying in Tel Aviv, and setting out from there on their professional lives, in Israel and elsewhere. Israeli photographer Iris Hassid (b. 1965) began photographing them in 2014 and talking to them about their ambitions, friendships, families, and political-social involvement. This exhibition has been organised in cooperation with the Jewish Museum of Amsterdam. The exhibition at the Jewish Museum Amsterdam was initiated by Victor Levie and developed in collaboration with Iris Hassid. ... more 
The Brunner Family. A European-Jewish History. Hohenems-Trieste-ViennaThe English edition is a package with the German edition and a separate text volume in English. | Ed. Hannes Sulzenbacher | Bucher Printing and Publishing 2021 | 240 pages | Softcover | 95 illustrations | 17 x 24 cm | € 29,80 | ISBN dt. 978-3-99018-573-5 | ISBN engl. 978-3-99018-575-9 ... more 
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Welcome to the Jewish Museum Hohenems!Here you can find out everything about your visit to the Jewish Museum Hohenems: information for your journey, admission prices, opening hours, group offers and public guided tours. ... more