European Summer University for Jewish Studies, HohenemsQuite frequently, Jewish history, especially in the context of the Diaspora, is perceived as a history of powerlessness—or to put it with an anti-Semitic tinge, as a history of “clandestine power.” From July 22 until 27, 2018, the 10th European Summer University for Jewish Studies Hohenems will delve into the question of whether, in fact, it might be possible to discover important facets beyond this black-and-white approach.
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Arno Gisinger Schuss/Gegenschuss
Current Exhibition
Say Shibboleth! On Visible and Invisible BordersAn exhibition of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, in collaboration with the Jewish Museum Munich | Despite talk about globalization and international community, new borders, fences, and walls are erected all over the world—around states, occupied territories, and gated communities, between public and private spaces, between the legal and the illegal. Some of these borders are permeable and others fatal, some are visible and others reinforced by cultural codes, language tests, or biometric methods. Borders decide about life and death, “identity” and “otherness”, belonging and exclusion.  ... more 
Visit our Blog: "Letters from the Hohenems Diaspora"In 2017 we commemorate the Hohenems „letter of protection“ issued 400 years ago. And in July 2017 the descendants of the Hohenems Jews from all over the world will gather for their third international Reunion. In our new Blog „Letters from the Hohenems Diaspora. Looking forward to our Reunion 2017“ we report about events in Hohenems, family stories, European networks and personal reflexions. Stay tuned.  ... more