End of Testimony?
End of Testimony?November 10, 2019 until August 16, 2020

An exhibition of the Jewish Museum Hohenems and the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial, in cooperation with the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)

The era of eyewitness accounts about the Holocaust is approaching its end. Only few survivors of the Nazi regime can still speak from their own experience—or talk about those people who were murdered in the Holocaust. What remains are literary testimonies and countless video interviews with survivors—as well as the question of how we want to deal with this legacy in the future.

Reason enough to focus on the history of Holocaust testimonies, to explore the complex relationship between eyewitness and interviewer, medium and society. Here, the focus is placed on the memory of the Shoah as it has been passed on in interviews and recordings of public appearances of survivors. It becomes a narrative—wrested from a trauma and, at the same time, the product of relationships and interests, depending on its respective context in politics and society, in court or school classes, for research, television, or cinema.

The exhibition “End of Testimony?“ scrutinizes the “making of“ interviews and their social role since 1945; and provides insights into the video collection of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, with interviews that have never been shown before.

Anika Reichwald (Hohenems)
Miriam Bürer, Hanno Loewy (Hohenems)
Christa Schikorra, Jörg Skriebeleit (Flossenbürg)
Scientific research
Orsolaya Bodony, Franziska Völlner, Fabian Wimmer (Hohenems)
Annika Scharnagl, Johannes Lauer, Julius Scharnetzky (Flossenbürg)
Exhibition design
Roland Stecher, atelier stecher (Götzis)
Graphic design
Thomas Matt, atelier stecher (Götzis)
Press and public relations work, organisation
Birgit Sohler (Hohenems)
Angelika Purin, Judith Niederklopfer-Würtinger (Hohenems)
Archive and object-management
Raphael Einetter (Hohenems)
Lilian Dombrowski (Raanana)
Gerlinde Fritz (Hohenems)
Dietmar Pfanner (Andelsbuch)
Dietmar Pöschko, Arne Klein, Gabriele Wessin (Hohenems)
Milan Loewy (Wien)