Ages 12-19
Educational Programs for Ages 12 to 19

Permanent Exhibition

Kreise ZiehenRoaming Around
Ages 12-19 | Emphasis: Jewish Hohenems
The most diverse personalities roam around the museum: counts, industrialists, innkeepers, musicians, and peddlers. They all tell us exciting stories of Jewish life in Hohenems back then and today.

Vom Feiern und FastenOf Celebrating and Fasting
Ages 12-19 | Emphasis: Jewish religion
We’ll supplement the historical objects of the permanent exhibition with fun and kitschy things related to religious practice today. In the process, we’ll learn about the background of Jewish holidays.

Kein ZurückNo Going Back
Ages 12-19 | Emphasis: NS and Holocaust
How to address this topic? We will investigate individual life stories and realize what happened to people in our immediate neighbourhood. This will provide a memorable addition to school lessons.

Alter 10-15 SchwerpunkteOther Topics
Language then and today
Food and kashrut
Diaspora and Migration


Jewish Quarter and Jewish Cemetery

Jugendliche auf dem FriedhofThe museum tour can be complemented by a visit to the Jewish Quarter and/or the Jewish Cemetery. One or both of these open air tours can also be booked separately.


Escape Routes

Besichtigungsangebote FluchtwegeFollowing the Traces of Refugees and Helpers Hohenems in 1938 was a possible gateway to freedom for Jewish refugees. Many attempted to get away from persecution in Nazi Germany and Austria, by crossing the old Rhine, the border between Vorarlberg more