Sun, 11. May 2014, 14:00-15:00 Visit the Jewish Cemetery Public guided tour for the Emsiana festival (in German)

Visit one of the precious sites of cultural heritage of the country: the Jewish cemetery south of Hohenems at the slope of the Schwefel mountain. 1617, when count Kaspar von Hohenems allowed the Jewish settlement the new inhabitants were also allocated the ground for this cemetery. 379 grave stones are still preserved. Till today the cemetery is kept alive by the Cemetery asociation and from time to time funerals are held.

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Jewish Museum Hohenems
Villa Heimann-Rosenthal
Schweizer Straße 5, 6845 Hohenems
Phone 0043 (0)5576 73989 0 

Information Phone +43 (0)5576 73989-0 Admission fee: € 3,- Meeting point: Entrance of the cemetery

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