Do, 13. Jul 2017, 19:30-21:00 Uhr Bal Ej: ”The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia“ Filmvorführung (OF mit engl. UT), anschließend Gespräch mit der Regisseurin Irene Orleansky (Tel Aviv)

Irene Orleansky (Israel): script, camera, editing, soundtrack, narrative Kirill Malahov (Russia): sound-engineering Hannah Nemer (USA): camera Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln A documentary film by Irene Orleansky telling a story of the Jews of the North Shewa region of Ethiopia, their history, culture and struggle. Though it  has been formally announced that with the last emigration of Falash Mura, there are no more Jews left in Ethiopia, there are still a number  Jews living in Addis Ababa and the North Shewa region of Ethiopia, most of whom  practice pre-Talmudic form of Judaism secretly. They split from the Beta Israel who settled in Northern regions of Ethiopia since Biblical times and even had the only independent Jewish Kingdom in the world. In spite of the fears of murder and persecutions, Beta Israel of North Shewa keep faithful to their beliefs and ancient Hebrew traditions, some of which have been completely forgotten by the rest of the Jewish world. In her movie „Bal Ej: the Hidden Jews of Ethiopia“, Irene is lifting the curtains of hundreds of years and  reveal the history, traditions and music of this  remarkable community to  the world. Zur homepage der Filmemacherin: 

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