Say Shibboleth! Cover_Say_Shibboleth_2018
Say Shibboleth! On Visible and Invisible Borders

English edition | Edited by Boaz Levin, Hanno Loewy and Anika Reichwald | Bucher Verlag 2018 | 239 pages | 17 x 24 cm | illustrated in color| softcover with flaps | € 29,80 | ISBN 978-3-99018-470-7

Despite talk about globalization and international community, new borders, fences, and walls are erected all over the world—around states, occupied territories, and gated communities, between public and private spaces. Some of these borders are visible, others are drawn by means of language tests and biometric methods. Borders and cultural codes spell the difference between life and death, “identity” and “alienness,” belonging and exclusion. They determine the right of people to move from one place to another or even to be in any particular place at all.

With contributions by:
Lawrence Abu Hamdan (London/Beirut), Francis Alÿs (Mexiko-Stadt), Ovidiu Anton (Wien), Emily Apter, Zach Blas (London), Sophie Calle (Paris), Arno Gisinger (Paris), Zali Gurevitch, Vincent Grunwald (Berlin), Gabriel Heim, Katarina Holländer, Ryan S. Jeffery (Los Angeles), Leon Kahane (Berlin/Tel Aviv), Boaz Levin, Mikael Levin (New York), Hanno Loewy (Hohenems), Fiamma Montezemolo (San Francisco), Pīnar Öğrenci (Istanbul), Selim Özdogan, Anika Reichwald, Fazal Sheikh (Zurich), Quinn Slobodian, Frances Stonor Saunders, Vladimir Vertlib, Najem Wali, and Marina Warner

Catalog accompanying the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Hohenems from March 18, 2018 to February 17, 2019

29,80 €