At Home: Diaspora. The Jewish Museum Hohenems

Englische Ausgabe | The catalogue to the permanent exhibition | Edited for the Jewish Museum Hohenems by Hanno Loewy | Bucher Verlag | Hohenems 2008 | 384 pages | 17 x 24 cm | Richly illustrated | € 29,80 | English edition: ISBN 978-3-902612-69-4

Hohenems is just like any other Jewish Diaspora community—only a bit more so. The Jewish Museum Hohenems tells about a typical—yet distinctive—Jewish community. Its history displays all the facets of the European-Jewish experience: Diaspora and migration, tradition and modernity, transnational networks and local roots, persecution and Heimat. This book is about a community at the borders between Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, people in the center of Europe. And it is a reflection on the conflicting forces of Jewish life. Richly illustrated the new catalogue of the Jewish Museum Hohenems offers insights into and provocative thoughts about Jewish life in the Diaspora—and its representation in Jewish museums.
With a history of the Hohenems Jews by Hannes Sulzenbacher and a photo essay by Arno Gisinger about the Museum and the Jewish quarter of Hohenems. With contributions by Isolde Charim, Eva Grabherr, Kurt Greussing, Michael Guggenheimer, Monika Helfer, Felix Jaffé-Brunner, Luisa Jaffé-Brunner, Michael Köhlmeier, Yves Kugelmann, Sabine Offe, Zafer Senocak, Barbara Steinitz and Vladimir Vertlib.