Sun, 02. Jun 2019, 11:30-12:30 Inside Tel Aviv-Jaffa Public guided tour through the current exhibition (in German)

These days, hardly any other metropolis is being celebrated as much as Tel Aviv. Open-minded party city, Mecca for startups, “White city” and “Bauhaus ensemble”: an oasis in the midst of Israel’s, Palestine’s, and the Middle East’s national, religious, and violent conflicts. The exhibition “All about Tel Aviv-Jaffa” takes a look—together with Tel Aviv-born photographer Peter Loewy—behind the scenes of this successful city branding. It delves into the myths, abysses, and complex realities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. A city that was built by legal and illegal immigrants and refugees and that keeps trying to reinvent itself—and to repress anything that is not “white.”

Jewish Museum Hohenems
Villa Heimann-Rosenthal
Schweizer Straße 5, 6845 Hohenems
Phone 0043 (0)5576 73989 0 

Admission: € 8,-/5,-

No reservation required

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