Thu, 08. May 2014, 19:00 Opening of the Emsiana Festival Opening speech by Robert Menasse, Vienna (in German)

“About the difficulties and the necessity to turn history into an idea. The Habsburg Empire, the Jewish nation and the European Union – and what Hohenems has to do with this” For the sixth time the Hohenems Festival “Emsiana” puts history and culture in the context of the challenges of our time, with irony and openness for art and music of the world. The tonart sinfonietta chamber orchestra of the Hohenems music school will perform the opening concert. For the speech we welcome the writer Robert Menasse. Robert Menasse, born 1954 in Vienna, belongs to the distinguished contemporary writers of Austria. In his novels (“Die Vertreibung aus der Hölle”, “Wings of Stone”, “Reverse Thrust”) and essays he proves to be a profound critic of his time. In his new book “Der Europäische Landbote” (2012) he presents a surprisingly positive image of the EU and their institutions and elevates the “Habsburg myth” of Claudio Margris into a “European myth”.

Graf-Maximilian-Straße 3, 6845 Hohenems

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