The DNA-Project

Bilingual edition: English and German | Ed. Marina Belobrovaja | Bucher Verlag | Hohenems 2012 | € 18,50 | ISBN 978-3-99018-119-5

Jews have been dealing with the question of their own identity from time immemorial— after all, there are no final answers. This is going to change according to geneticists, and they bring a test on the market that promises clarification. Well, while this applied technology might be innovative, the hypothesis of the existence of a “Jewish gene” does not seem to be new at all. The Zurich artist Marina Belobrovaja took the invitation to the exhibition “A Certain Jewish Something“ as an opportunity to inquire into this phenomenon. Her artistic research in the form of personal statements from Switzerland, Germany, Israel and Ukraine resulted in the bilingual (English and German) art publication “The DNA-Project”: a controversial polylogue in which various European and Israeli Jews react on each others ideas about Jewish identity like in the game “telephone”.