Rosenthals. Collage of a family history
Materials relating to the exhibition projekt. Volume II

Bilingual edition: English and German | “Rosenthals. Collage of a family history. Materials relating to the exhibition projekt. Volume II” | Ed. by Johannes Inama for the Jewish Museum Hohenems | 2004 | 84 pages | 30×21 cm | numerous color and b/w images | € 3,- (Original prize € 12,-) | ISBN-3-901168-07-9

This volume of materials contains contributions which arose in the context of the exhibition project “Rosenthals. Collage of a family history”. The Rosenthals had been and still are a particularly significant family for the Jewish Hohenems. Along there families history the social and economic history of the Jewish community of Hohenems can be told as much as its destruction by Nationalsocialism. Collages of narratives focus both on succesful lives and depressing experiences, up to the deportation of the last Jewish tenant of the very Rosenthal-Villa, that houses the Jewish Museum today: Klara Heyman-Rosenthal. This volume, a produce of the communication and reflection of the exhibition preserves the fragmentary character of the discourse, provoked by the exhibition and thus not only supplement the first volume, but does also document the project as a whole.