Rosenthals. Collage of a Family History
Materials relating to the Exhibition Project. Volume I

Bilingual edition: English and German | “Rosenthals. Collage of a Family History. Materials relating to the Exhibition Project. Volume I” | Ed. by Johannes Inama for the Jewish Museum Hohenems | 2002 | Numerous color and b/w images | 105 pages | 30 × 21 cm | € 3,- (Original prize € 12,-) | ISBN 3-901168-07-9

This volume of materials includes contributions which arose in the context of the „Rosenthal. Collage of a Family History“ exhibition project. As the project has been assembled from highly diverse components, all offering a personal and fragmentary view of the family history, this volume of materials has been arranged in a heterogeneous way accordingly. The first volume appears with the opening of the exhibition in 2002 and presents individual approaches confronting the story of the Rosenthals. The second volume will be published after the end of the exhibition and will not only supplement this first volume with new material that will come up during the process, but also document the project itself.