Edition Museumstexte 01. Permanent Exhibition

English edition of “Edition Museumstexte 01. Die Dauerausstellung” | Jewish Museum Hohenems | Hohenems 2011 | 41 pages | 17 x 24 cm | € 3,90

This volume presents the texts of the permanent exhibition.
With the series “Edition Museumstexte,” we offer documentary material and further reading linked to the permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum and to the Jewish Quarter in Hohenems, which will henceforth complement the museum catalog “At Home: Diaspora. The Jewish Museum Hohenems.” The permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, which opened in 2007, presents an exemplary history of the European Diaspora that is marked by migration, crossborder relations, networks, and globalisation. It brings individuals to the fore with their experiences and idiosyncrasies, their life plans and ruptures: people such as Cantor Salomon Sulzer, Rabbi Aron Tänzer, peddlers, innkeepers, merchants, manufacturers, artisans, and teachers. The exhibition tells this history and the associated stories from various perspectives: in chronological order according to historical periods, by focusing on personal biographies and family histories, and by exploring fundamental questions of human coexistence. Finally, the museum takes into account another perception of time: the cyclical rhythm of life and of the religious festivals, festivals that can assume differing meaning in different places and at different times – always  depending on the people who celebrate them.