Old Liberties of Ems II | Alte Freiheiten von Ems II

The newspaper of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, Vol. 2
Bilingual edition English/German | Editors: Peter Niedermair, Hanno Loewy | Jewish Museum Hohenems 2018 | 44 pages | 47×30,5 cm | With contributions by: Alexander van der Bellen, Jutta Berger, Christopher Brauchli-Reichenbach, Dieter Egger, Eva Grabherr, Tim Hanford-Hirschfeld, Phlip D. Jaffé-Brunner, Petra Klose, Hanno Loewy, Peter Niedermair, Jessica Piper-Rosenthal, Angelika Purin, Claude Rollin, Susan Rosenthal-Shimer, and Karlheinz Rüdisser. With photographs by Dietmar Walser and Hanno Loewy.

The newspaper can be ordered through the museum (shipping costs).

The annual newspaper of the Jewish Museum Hohenems (its title refers to a note in Yiddish and Hebrew on the writ of privilege of 1617) is presenting reports on crucial dimensions of our museum’s activities. The second edition of 2018 includes speeches, reports and a photo documentation of the grand Reunion of descendants in 2018 – and exemplary family stories of Hohenems descendants all over the world, namely the Brunners, Rosenthals, Kahns, Hirschfelds, Burgauers, Sulzers and Landauers.