Jukebox. Jewkbox! A Jewish Century on Shellac and Vinyl

English edition | Edited by Hanno Loewy | Bucher Verlag, Hohenems 2014 | 312 pages | € 29,90 | 23,5 x 22 cm | ISBN 978-3-99018-297-0 | 45rpm record included

With essays by Caspar Battegay, Alan Dein, Helene Maimann, Raymond Wolff – and personal contributions by Timna Brauer, Harley Swedler, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Michael Asch, Cilly Kugelmann, Vladimir Vertlib, Lizzie Doron, Marian Fuks, Ari Rath and many others. 45rpm record included.

Around 1900, a Jewish immigrant, Emil Berliner, changed the world. With the invention of the grammophone and the record, the first medium of a global culture was born. And the Jewish century found its expression on shellac and vinyl—from the introduction of synagogal music into the Jewish middle-class home to the reinvention of Jewish folk music; from the career of Yiddish theatre songs on Broadway to the rebels of punk.
The history of shellac and vinyl is also a history of Jewish inventors, musicians, composers, music producers, and songwriters. Their music—the sound of the 20th century—was not always „Jewish“ music, but still a product of Jewish experience. Jukebox. Jewkbox! takes you on a journey of discovery through unfamiliar worlds of popular culture, accompanied by personal stories about records that have changed many a life.

Catalog accompanying the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Hohenems from October 19, 2014 to March 8, 2015.