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The History and Presence of the Hohenems Synagogue

Bilingual edition: English and German | Edited by Johannes Inama and Hanno Loewy | Jewish Museum Hohenems | 2004 | 192 pages | 30 x 22 cm | Numerous color and b/w illustrations | € 5,- (Original prize € 28,-) | ISBN 3-901168-09-5

Built in 1772, the Hohenems synagogue was one of the most important synagogues around Lake Constance till 1938. Emptied under Nazi rule and used by the fire service between 1955 and 2001 the building in the center of the town now has been renovated and partly reconstructed. The richly illustrated volume contains contributions on the history and architecture of the building, including artistic reflections. An exemplary study in the confrontation with memory and Jewish heritage in Central Europe.