Julie Landauer
Julie Landauer (1829–1917), Pastry chef and Inn keeper

Julie Landauer was born on June 21, 1829 as the daughter of Joseph and Jeanette Landauer in Hohenems. Her parents ran the inn “Zur frohen Aussicht” and a bakery. Her brother David died in 1857 as a regimental doctor in Erzurum in the Ottoman Empire – and Ludwig, the oldest son of the family, died as a baker in 1868, one year after his mother. So Julie took over the inn as a trained pastry chef and in 1872 she also received the trade licence for the bakery. In the same year, her unmarried child Josef was born and she had to raise him alone. In order to be able to pay debts, Julie had to sell part of her property, but when she finally got better financially, the inn burned down in 1895. A manservant was killed and Julie had to start all over again. In 1896 her son married and her daughter-in-law Nanette Guggenheim from Zurich had to support the rebuilding of the business with her dowry. On 26 April 1917, her son Josef had died of heart paralysis two years earlier, and her grandson Ivan had volunteered for military service, she died in hospital in Rankweil.


Picture: Portrait of Julie Landauer, around 1855, oil painting