Jeanette Landauer
Inn-keeper and Baker: Jeanette Landauer (1789–1867)

She was the first landlady of the guesthouse ‘Zur Frohen Aussicht’ (‘happy view’), which was run by the Jewish Landauer family. The family’s women predominantly managed the guesthouse and bakery. After the premature death of Joseph Landauer in 1834, the business remained in the possession of his wife Jeanette for over three decades. After her time as the landlady, the guesthouse was still called ‘Zur Schanet’ in the 20th century. Her daughter Julie, a trained pastry chef, managed the bakery and the guesthouse independently until 1909. After the death of her son Josef in 1916, Julie’s daughter-in-law Nanette took over the business.

The guesthouse was a meeting point for Jews and Christians alike in Hohenems. This is verified by the stories of elderly residents and the many photographs of the entertaining get-togethers in the ‘Frohe Aussicht’ guesthouse, which are still kept in the photo albums. The large-scale participation of the Landauer family in community life also helped the popularity of the guesthouse.