THINK AHEADOctober 24, until November 17, 2019

As part of a project by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Liechtenstein, 13 students intensively studied the city of Hohenems and its Jewish Museum. The project, funded by the City of Hohenems and the State of Vorarlberg, aims to explore possible development perspectives for the museum and the surrounding urban space.

Their works – some realistic, some utopian – open up thought spaces and discourses, stimulate dreaming and reckoning, the examination of dear habits and the recognition of what is really important to us. For years, the museum has been developing dynamically in its exhibition, collection and educational activities. And the city and its vital center are also changing shape. So it’s time to think about the direction we can take. The Liechtenstein designs provide a variety of inspirations to develop further.

The students and their projects:
Katharina Bitschnau –– Wolke schafft Land
Petra Bolter–Allgäuer –– Umgarnt
Stephanie Ganahl –– Szenen eines Museums, einer Stadt
Sandeep Gill –– Treppe Ebenen Platz
Florian Heeb –– enge Leichtigkeit
Roman Klingler –– Begegnung durch Verbindung
Claudia Kuster –– weniger mehr
Tamara Mnich –– Unter der Spiegelung
Melanie Seifert –– Bewegungsnetz
Emilie Stecher –– Synapse
Stefan Verling –– Kernweg(e)
Aurelia Winter –– Undercover
Maximilian Zwickl –– Stadtraumkulisse

Curator | project management | Grafik and Design
Maximilian Zwickl

Building team
Petra Bolter–Allgäuer, Sandeep Gill, Roman Klingler, Claudia Kuster, Tamara Mnich, Melanie Seifert