Projects for Schools, Apprentices, and other Youth Groups

Want to implement a joint project with us? Upon request, we will develop more time-consuming projects together with pupils, apprentices, and other interested parties. Participants will be able to examine the issues raised in the museum in a comprehensive manner. In the last few years, we completed amongst others:

Not Coming Back
A Collaboration with Middle School Hohenems-Markt
Nine ‘stumbling blocks’ of the artist Gunter Demnig were placed in Hohenems in June 2014. In the run-up, pupils worked on biographies of the Jewish victims of National Socialism and Holocaust, which were presented at the event. 

Concept: Judith Niederklopfer-Würtinger (JMH).

History of the Jewish School
A Collaboration with Middle School Hohenems-Herrenried
In an interdisciplinary training, the pupils prepared material for an exhibition on the history of the Jewish School of Hohenems, which was shown in the museum in December and January 2013/14: Information on the history of the school, jigsaw puzzles with portraits of notable persons and a specially made model of the historic school-building.
Concept: Carmen Märk (Middle School H-H) and Tanja Fuchs (JMH).

Checkered History
A Joint Project with Collini Hohenems
Seven apprentice surface technicians devoted themselves to the Jewish Museum’s permanent exhibition for two days in May 2013. They addressed the topics of homeland and identity with methods taken from theater pedagogy and created a short movie.
Sponsored by KulturKontakt Austria.
Concept: Michael Schiemer (theater teacher) and Tanja Fuchs (JMH).

Time to Come Clear! Of Interpreting and Straight Talking
A Collaboration with BG Bludenz
In the framework of a collaborative project with BG Bludenz (middle and high school), seven classes attended between February and May 2012 the newly developed workshops dealing with the topics of language and multilingualism.
Sponsored by KulturKontakt Austria
(“culture connected” and “interculturality and multilingualism”).
Concept: Barbara Winkler (BG Bludenz) and Julia Schertler-Dür (JMH).

Learning Field Diaspora and Migration
A central topic of the Jewish Museum deals with the migration of Jewish families and their coexistence with the Christian majority. This coexistence was marked both by a prolific life together as well as by a conflict-laden juxtaposition. Discussions around today’s migrants are similar. Therefore, an interdisciplinary work group (headed by Helmut Schlatter) set out to develop the following modules on the topic of diaspora and migration:
Have a Seat
Educational program in the Jewish Museum, upon request
Didactic material in the Jewish Museum, available for lending