Wed, 21. May 2014, 19:30-21:30 „This Boundary-Post Patriotism (…) was shattered“ – Or: Why the Jews are the only Europeans Lecture by Prof. Dr. Erik Petry, Basel (in German)

No boundary-posts, all in common? Was this the idea for Jews in the European July-revolution of 1830? Is there such a thing as a “European era of Jews“? Or does the analysis gets stuck in a kind of “reference book of the history of Jews in Europe”? Shall we speak about the 20th century as a “Jewish century”? Does one look into the self image of Europe in the 19th century there seems to be only one radical answer: the 19th century was the “Jewish century” and the Jews the only Europeans . The lecture will explore this century and tries to find arguments for such a claim.

Jewish Museum Hohenems
Villa Heimann-Rosenthal
Schweizer Straße 5, 6845 Hohenems
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