Sat, 10. May 2014, 14:00-15:00 Bathing, Drinking, Praying. A Literary Tour through the Jewish Quarter Public guided tour (in German)

Water and Wine, Coffee and Beer. All was flowing also in the Jewish quarter of Hohenems, in coffee houses and pubs, but also for ritual puprose. Learn something new about Jewish life in Hohenems and visit the sites of conviviality and intimacy, of prayer and health care. On the way we pay attention to the laws of purity and their transgression, about food and drinking, restraint and exxageration.

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Jewish Museum Hohenems
Villa Heimann-Rosenthal
Schweizer Straße 5, 6845 Hohenems
Phone: 0043 (0)5576 73989 0 

Information Phone +43 (0)5576 73989-0 Admission fee: € 7,-/4,- Meeting point: Jewish Museum, Foyer

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