Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews.
But Were Afraid to AskMarch 27, 2012 – October 7, 2012

There are many questions circulating about Jews. Some are taboo, some only seem to be. But where people sense a secret or mystery they often look for something “Jewish” behind it. Some of these questions are uncomfortable for the one who asks, some are politically incorrect, and some are awkward. But mostly the answers are not that complicated, as one can guess.
What do Jews look like? Are Jews born talented money makers? Can Jews be at home in any country? Is it permissible to make jokes about the Holocaust? Why is it so difficult to discuss the politics of Israel?
Together with artists like Yael Bartana (Amsterdam/Berlin/Tel Aviv), Zoya Cherkassky (Tel Aviv), Adi Nes (Tel Aviv), Tamar Latzman (New York), Zbigniew Libera (Warschau), Bradley Meinz (Los Angeles), Shmuel Shapiro (Kißlegg), Harley Swedler (New York/Paris), Tamir Zadok (Tel Aviv), as well as Woody Allen, Roseanne Barr and Sidney Lumet we want to confront these questions in a witty mood.

And we invite visitors at the end of the visit to ask their own questions.
Answers will be published on: www.jm-hohenems.at
or www.wasSieschonimmerueberJudenwissenwollten.at

An exhibition of the Jewish Museum Hohenems

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Hannes Sulzenbacher (Vienna)
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