Ages 5-10
Educational Programs for Ages 5 to 10

Current Exhibition

pressefoto_weiblicheseitegottesThe Female Side of GodApril 30 until October 8, 2017
The Jewish Museum Hohenems poses a challenging question to the monotheistic religions: Is it possible to view the—according to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim tradition—“one and only God” as other than male?

Permanent Exhibition

Georgias Abenteuer_Foto_Dietmar_Walser_024Georgia’s Adventure
Ages 5-8
Georgia is our museum’s pet dog. She knows the place inside out and loves telling all about her adventures at the museum. There’s a lot to discover!

Ratekoenig_Foto_Dietmar Walser_008Let’s Guess!
Ages 6-10
Look and don’t touch? We keep some objects handy: under a blanket for touching, guessing, and searching throughout the exhibition. Thus, Jewish life in Hohenems can be experienced with all our senses.

Im Rampenlicht_Foto_DietmarWalser_023In the Limelight
Ages 6-10
The kids’ stations at the museum invite to a performance. Flickering and glowing, they show us various scenes of Jewish life in Hohenems back then and today.

Schwerpunkte_Foto_DietmarWalser_022Other Topics
– Language then and today
– Food and kashrut
– Jewish holidays


Jewish Quarter and Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery
The museum tour can be complemented by a visit to the Jewish Quarter and/or the Jewish Cemetery. One or both of these open air tours can also be booked separately.